nellie mogge

Nellie started with PSLA in the summer of 2015 and assists in project management as a dependable member of the creative team. She is honing her expertise in the many phases of project production including graphic representation, documents production and site analysis.

Nellie is a Midwest, girl-next-door at heart. She spent much of her childhood outside and developed a strong connection with her sense of place. Nellie's passion for the natural environment and technical capabilities led to her interest in the field of landscape architecture. After graduating from the University of Illinois in 2012, Nellie gained experience working for a Chicago engineering firm. She has worked on a range of project types including residential, municipal, urban design, parks and recreation facilities, ecological restoration, and for a nonprofit institution.

If you can't find Nellie glued to her double-monitors in the office, you may find her relaxing into Savasana after practicing yoga. She loves to experience Chicago: exploring the vast cycling paths, musical concerts, and discovering new restaurants. Though her Chicago apartment has not offered many gardening opportunities, she secretly pulls weeds and harvests vegetables in her sister's garden when she isn't looking.